Daniel Webster Wallace


Daniel Webster Wallace was a black rancher who had little formal education. At the age twenty-five he returned to school in Navarro County, was admitted to the second grade, and in two winters learned to read and write. He eventually joined Clay Mann’s outfit near Colorado City in Mitchell County. It was branding Mann’s cattle with a large “80” on one side that gave Wallace his well-known nickname of “80 John”. Mr. Mann paid Wallace $5  a month from his $30 a month wage for two years and put the remainder aside to invest, starting Wallace on his way to developing his own herd. He acquired 1,280 acres in 1885 and started ranching for himself. He became one of the most respected ranchers of his time. Wallace was a member of the Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association for thirty years. He died on March 28, 1939, leaving an estate worth more that $1 million, and was buried on his ranch.