Choctaw Code Talkers


Choctaw Code Talkers were a group of Choctaw Indians from Oklahoma who pioneered the use of Native American Tongues as military code. Their exploits took place during the waning days of WWI. Major General E. St. John Grebble commanded the 36th Division stationed at Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Texas. It was during the last days of his command that the majority of the 36th Division troops arrived in France. The commander (Col. A. W. Bloor) of those troops in France noted that the Native American Indians serving with him in the 142nd Infantry were talking in their native language. With the active cooperation of his Choctaw soldiers, he tested and deployed an innovative experiment using the Choctaw language in place of regular military code. The men who made up the United States first code talkers were either full-blood or partial-blood Choctaw Indians born in Choctaw Nation of the Oklahoma Indian Territory. There were fourteen code talkers.